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How is my calorie plan computed?

Once Weight1Minute has your gender, age, current weight, target weight, BMR, and the length of time you have chosen for your eating plan, our system takes that information, and computes the number of NET calories you need to eat each day. 
BMR - # of calories needed to be reduced in order to reach your goal = daily calorie intake
Net Calories = Daily Calorie Intake – Calories burnt with exercise

Why do I need to name my plan?

  • Gives your plan reality.
  • Helps keep you motivated.
  • It gives you a reference point.
  • It’s more fun.

Why is the number of calories I’m suppose to eat reducing each day?

As your weight reduces, so does your need for calories, so Weight1Minute’s plan compensates for this.

Why are the names of food items so strange?

Because the database W1M uses is based on the technical name for foods.  Read the package you’ve bought and choose the food item that is as close a match as possible.  Where meat is concerned, pay particular attention to the fat content.

Why is my daily calorie number so low?

Because Weight1Minute has taken the total calories you need each day and subtracted the number of calories you need to reduce your daily intact by in order to attain your goal.

Why do you have a Friends & Family Plan?

In order to keep you motivated, it’s proven that having friends or family participating with you helps both you and your friend reach your goals.

How can I increase my daily calorie number?

Exercise, exercise, exercise to maintain a healthy balance!!!

Why do I need to input my exercise each day?

Exercising is one of the most important activities you can add to your routine, and it plays an important role in your weight loss plan.  The more time you exercise, the more food you’re able to eat.  In turn, as your body becomes leaner, your BMR will increase, so you’ll be you’ll be burning more calories even when you’re resting.

What factors have an affect on my BMR?

Age:  In youth, the BMR is higher; age brings less lean body mass and slows the BMR.
Height: Tall, thin people have higher BMR's.
Growth:  Children and pregnant women have higher BMR's.
Body Composition:  The more lean tissue you have, the higher the BMR.  The more fat tissue you have, the lower the BMR. So, regular exercise, which increases your lean body tissue, increases your BMR.
Fever:  Fevers can raise the BMR.
Stress:  Stress hormones can raise the BMR.
Environmental Temperature:  Both the heat and cold raise the BMR.
Fasting/Starvation:  Fasting/starvation hormones lower the BMR.
Malnutrition: Malnutrition lowers the BMR.
Thyroxin: The thyroid hormone thyroxin is a key BMR regulator; the more thyroxin produced, the higher the BMR.

I can’t find the food item I’m looking for?

Not all foods are listed in our database. So if you can’t find a particular item, you can go to the Add Food Item link on the left hand toolbar, and enter in the data from the nutrition label on the package.  If you don’t have the package, let us know by clicking the Have an Issue button on the Food page, or use the contact page.  We’ll be happy to see what we can do.

Why won’t the food I’ve put in Foods I Like come up on my eating plan?

Not all foods in our database are available for the eating plans, but if you would like one included, please use the Contact Us page, and we’ll be glad to add it in.


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