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Weight1Minute™ (W1M™) is an innovative subscription service for implementing your personally customized weight loss, exercise, and nutrition objectives. It’s about a healthy lifestyle, and W1M™’s pioneering software allows you to take the first step toward your weight loss goals, using your own lifestyle and food/exercise preferences. You set your goals, you list your preferences, and you create your plan. You are not at the whim of anybody else except yourself. A strategy for success begins with realistic goals and a plan to get them started. Weight1Minute™ assists you in taking charge of your future by helping you:

  • Create a Personal Nutritional Management Program.
  • Have Access to W1M™’s One-of-a-Kind Database designed to include more than 7000 different foods, including restaurant and major brand names.
  • Keep a Personal Food and Exercise Diary.
  • Use your own recipes to go along with established Professional Nutrition Guidelines.
  • Use Interactive Charts and Graphs based on your weight loss and exercise achievements.
  • Use W1M™’s Forum to meet people, discuss problems, create solutions, or exchange recipes.
  • Create Printable Shopping Lists that fit with your customized profile
  • Continuous upgrades, add-ons, and new features as W1M™ focuses on improving our product and services for your lifestyle and wellness.
  • Keep you informed with Up-to-the-Minute Health News and Information

Weight1Minute™ is a revolutionary new software program and original product and service solely dedicated to its user’s ability to achieve a lifetime of weight loss and weight maintenance, leading to a healthy lifestyle. W1M™’s unique nutrition management software provides the needed flexibility to help you reach your intended goal, giving you the time and energy to pursue the other important things in your life.


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